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Let's go play in Faerie Land... amid the happy trees
And chase the little ladybirds,  then ride the furry bees;
Let's sprinkle pollen all around, and dance on round mushrooms;
I will play my silver pipes, while badger hums a tune.
We'll slide down sunbeams glittering rays,
splish - splash in Faerie pools of rainbow-coloured water
a' sparkling like crown jewels.

Let's go play in Faerie Land...
where leaves are emerald green -
flowers have the sweetest scent and beauty ever seen;
we'll gather crystal balls of dew... then swing on spider's web
And tiptoe up to bluebird's nest... to pat the hatchlings' head.
Then as the moon rolls cross the sky to turn the world to silver...
We'll jump from star to star and then - ride moonbeams down the river.



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