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Level One  

1.  What is Shaggy's real name?

2.  Where is the gang's favorite hang out place?

3.  Who is Scooby's best friend?

4.  What is the name of the gang's van?

5.  What kind of dog is Scooby Doo?

6.  What is Scooby's real name?

7.  What letters appear on Scooby's collar?

(answers at the bottom of the page)

Level Two

1.  Who is Scooby's owner?

2.  Which member of the gang makes the traps?

3.  What is Shaggy's sisters name?

4.  Who are the keepers of the Scooby snacks?

5.  What is Velma's favorite saying?

6.  Who does the voice for Shaggy?

7.  What is Velma's last name?

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Level One Answers

1.  Norvielle
2.  The Malt Shop
3.  Shaggy
4.  The Mystery Machine
5.  Great Dane
6.  Scoobert
7.  SD

Level Two Answers

1.  Shaggy
2.  Fred
3.  Maggie
4.  Velma and Daphne
5.  Jinkees
6.  Casey Kasem
7.  Dinkley