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within the castle walls
We welcome thee to the Howard Realm. Please, kind traveler,
wander through our halls at thy leisure. One will find no gates locked,
and no entrances barred. T'would be in thy best interest to remain on guard,
however... a few of the chambers emit quite the foulest stench. Beware the Lair of Sketch!!!
Sir Galahad and Fairest Juliette have founded their Kingdom for members of the Royal Family who must travel over great distance to visit. They may now gaze into their mystical crystal balls and see all that transpires in Dwayne and Julies own private Camelot.

Sir Sketch... your most loyal guideTis easy for one to lose their way whilst roaming castle corridors.  In a gallant effort to guide thee on the quest, Sir Sketch has volunteered his services to ensure that no chamber remains unvisited.  The truest gems often lie in hidden passages. From this point forward, our most honored and esteemed guests have the option of following Sketch on their journey or choosing their own path.
Sir Sketch
Click on Sir Sketch (above) or choose your path:
the royal wedding
sir galahad
fairest juliette
the lair of sketch

the royal family

the kingdom of lumm
the realm of moore
sir chase henry
lady chelsea renee

the kingdom of howard
the realm of greenwood
sir tyler austin
lady jayde elizabeth

rogues gallery
beyond the castle walls