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The honour of thy presence is hereby requested at the marriage of
Julie Anna Morrison
Dwayne Eddie Howard
at half past the tenth hour on Saturday, November sixth in the year of our Lord Nineteen hundred and ninety-nine

Mr & Mrs Dwayne Howard   The Wedding Party

The ceremony was performed by Dwayne's father, Gerald.  Best Man was Brian, Dwayne's Best Friend since childhood.  Maid of Honor was Ginger, Julie's closest friend and confidant.  Julie's hand was given in marriage by Jeff, Julie's brother, who is also one of Dwayne's closest friends.

Maid of Honor and Best Man     Jeff & Julie

Dwayne with parents     Julie with parents

Dwayne & Julie with their parents

Feasting and merriment in honour of the couple...


... and they lived happily ever after

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You'll be in my Heart
(Music from Tarzan)
Our Wedding Song